Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goals for the New Year, Revisited

In the last thirty days, I've talked a bit about my goals for the new year. Here's how I'm doing...

Goal 1: lose 49 pounds in 2011.

Progress: I've lost 8.6 pounds so far in 2011.

Left to go: 40.4

Feelings: YAY! This is going to happen! I'm doing great at this goal!


Goal 2: Establish a $500 savings buffer.

Progress: I've budgeted $30 toward this cause so far.

Left to go: $470

Feelings: All of my financial goals are going to be hard to meet this year due to unforeseen expenses that recently cropped up. However, I will keep at it! I might even be able to totally fund this with our tax return. We'll see.


Goal 3: Make at least two double car payments.

Progress: So far, none.

Left to go: $993.56

Feelings: not insurmountable. I plan to use some of our tax refund to do this. Taxes are already filed, so I'm hoping to have this goal crossed off the list by late February!


Goal 4: Pay off credit card.

Progress: None. Paid $100 this month but ended up using it! :(

Left to go: $1800

Feelings: Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.


Finally, just because I'm so crazy about them, here are a couple pictures of my dogs.  I hope you enjoy your Thursday!


  1. You haven't the slightest idea how excited I am for your weight-loss journey. I'm like a silent cheerleader of the night, a ninja with spirit-hands; I get excited for you whenever I hear of your WW updates.

  2. What a sweet sister I have! A cheerleader, at that! <3 I'm touched by the outpouring of support by you, C, and mom! :)

  3. Awesome goals! I like the way you're coming back to and checking in on these. It's so exciting that you're working on your weightloss. So, you're liking WW?

    p.s. CUTE dogs!!! I don't think I knew you had them from just following your food blog. I'm going to have to check in here more often.