Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Know You're a Weight Watcher When...

  • Your second grader asks you at the dinner table, "Mama, is this the right portion size for butter?" ...and gets it right.
  • The same kiddo asks you how many Points Plus value are in any given food.
  • You wear the same baggy shorts and tee shirt that you started weigh-ins wearing, so that the scale accurately gauges your weekly losses. Those shorts no longer fit you properly and ought to be given away.
  • You notice weight loss in weird places...like your elbows and toes.
  • You go through your cookbooks, calculate the Points Plus values on the recipes and write them in the margins.
  • You beam with pride at the register when you realize that you haven't purchased any junk food at all this week!
  • When your middle schooler acts like your weight loss is no big deal, you order her to hold out her arms while you load them up with the 24 pound bag of dog food, 3 pound bag of rice, and five one-pound bags of dried beans. THEN you ask her if she thinks it's a big deal. She does.
  • You get excited about star-shaped stickers. You have a collection of them.
I am a Weight Watcher. As of last Saturday, I've lost 32.6 pounds since September 19, 2010. My goal is to lose 49 pounds in 2011. I've lost SIX so far this year.

43 more to go in 2011. With Weight Watchers, I can and will do it.


  1. way to go Michelle!!!!! Keep it up you are inspiring!

  2. WOOHOO! Inspiring! Time for me to turn on the Rambo music and make a real change.