Thursday, November 25, 2010

ABCs of Thanksgiving

In alphabetical order, here are a few of the things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. Also, some pictures from my home today.
a) Army

b) Bargains

c) Charles, my husband
Charles makes the gravy for our turkey dinner

d) Daughters. Also Diego, my precious doggy. Also, dishwashers. Mine is out of order today of all days!
Fancy was a big help with the apple crisp!

e) Enough to eat, for my whole family, every single day
Apples for my apple crisp

f) Family -- My entire family. My mother, my sisters, my grandparents, my husband, my daughters, and the entire Army family we've built up over the years.

g) Germany. We finally get to go!

h) Harry Potter

i) Icy Hot, for when the cook wakes up with a sore neck & shoulder Thanksgiving morning (true story!)

j) January. Generally the coldest month. Also my birth month.

k) Kisses

l) Lollipops. Low in Weight Watchers points. :)

m) Meals with my family

n) Nap time on a lazy afternoon.

o) Organic produce

p) Playing outside with my kids

q) Quiet time alone

r) Reading -- books, blogs, newspapers, and instruction manuals.

s) Sisters, who become friends when you grow up

t) Time. A precious gift.
A lovely whirl of pumpkin batter and flour flying everywhere!

u) United States. Though from you I shall soon depart, you will remain in my heart and I will always return.

v) Velour blankets on cold winter mornings

w) Writing -- on my blogs, especially

x) Who votes we eliminate this letter from the alphabet? Me!

y) Yesterday, because it prepares me for tomorrow.

z) Zippers. Five-button flies are a pain in the ass.

My little helper measures the flour.

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