Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Mommier-than-Thou

I've got some pretty awesome kids. My oldest, Bayberry, well...she's twelve years old and tells me everything. Everything. Good, bad, and ugly. I hear it all. I've met my goal of being approachable for her. She knows she can come to me with any issue at all, and I will help her sort through it. I'm her amnesty box. It's my goal to keep our lines of communication that way always.

Make no mistake: I'm not her Buddy. I'm Mom, and she knows it. I'm a pretty strict parent, as far as that goes, too. But she still opens up to me. Always. I love that, and I take credit for it, too. It's something I set out to do early in parenthood. I was always going to be the kind of mother a child felt she could talk to about stuff: school, friend trouble, boys, drugs, makeup, hair, religion, politics, you name it. Nothing's off-limits when it comes to talking to Mom.

And that's why I'm Mommier-than-thou.

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! I really hope I can do this for my kids too!!! You're an exceptional mommy!

    Thanks SO MUCH for linking up with me and this new meme! Love the new blog here, and I'm following!