Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at My House

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Here are some glimpses into my life at Christmas. Unedited. Uncropped. Real. You'll note the messy hair on my children. And on me.

Army Man got a new desk & chair. Also, an electric guitar and a laptop computer. And a steering wheel for his PS3 game.

The Family got a red loveseat for our family room / eat-in kitchen combo room. It looks great in here and makes this the best room in the house to hang out.

A sneak peek of Christmas. We had just finished putting the presents under the tree. The kids were sound asleep. Thanks to modern technology, Facebook saw my children's Christmas before they did.

Our kids got less this year than in any year in our family's past. However, they were major gifts. The Wii was one such gift. Two weeks after we moved to Fort Benning, our home was burglarized and our Wii, all the games, controllers, and accessories, all our cash, our cell phones, and more were all stolen from us. Also stolen from us: the feeling of security. This Christmas, we replaced the Wii and got several cool games for it.

This was Sacha's first Christmas with us. Since she just turned a year old on December 16th, it's technically her 2nd Christmas, but her first one with presents. She caught on quick and liked opening her presents.

She gave cuddles as an expression of thanks.

An old pro at present opening!

Diego needs a little more coaxing, despite having been in the family for several years now. But he enjoys Christmas, too.

I never like pictures of me. This one is terrible. But like I said: real. Squinty eyes, messy hair, and all. For Christmas, I got this crock pot along with an ipod and ipad! Spoiled!

The girls each got a netbook computer. In purple.

Bayberry took her new bike out for a spin. Tuna was too sick to do so.


This made my whole day. It was snowing! Big, fat, sticky flakes! They did stick, too...for a few minutes.

Tuna is sick with cough and fever. That's Flat Stanley, if you didn't notice. We have a homework assignment involving him over school break.  I'll talk about him more later.

It was a great Christmas. Quiet. Unhurried. No schedules. No agendas. No worries. No commitments. Just the four of us and our two pooches, playing video games, relaxing, eating, and enjoying each other's company. I hope every Christmas can be as successful as this one was.


  1. Oh god Flat Stanley is back. lol

  2. Yep. Same assignment. I feel like we should get a pass since we did it last year. ;)

  3. Love the crockpot. You can create lots of food with minimal work. I bet the dogs will love whatever you make in the crockpot, too. ;)