Monday, December 13, 2010

Simple Pleasures

The dishwasher is humming away. The dogs are resting at my side. My oldest daughter is resting on the couch (tonsillitis!). And what I was thinking about writing here on my blog is a list of random gripes. I do have several right now. But then I got to thinking.

Maybe I'll write a list of gripes, but for each one, I'll also write a simple pleasure, in an effort to -- I don't know...cancel out the gripes.

Then I thought some more.

(dangerous, that!)

Maybe I'll just talk about simple pleasures.

At Christmastime, do you find that people are generally more stressed out? I know that's the case everywhere *I* go! People are angry! People are pushy! And people are under tremendous stress.

Sometimes, I wonder why we do that to ourselves at a time of year (anytime, really, but a time of year that) we're supposed to be kind and gentle and loving and giving and selfless.

To stay in that happy place, I bring you my list of simple pleasures.


Sneaking up behind Tuna (my youngest daughter) in her lunchroom at school and kissing her sweet head.


Knowing that my girls are going to love their Christmas presents.


Knowing that we didn't go into debt to make Christmas special.


Going shopping in my closet -- because I lost a pants size during the holiday season!


The tiny flurries that floated through the air for about five minutes here in Georgia last night.


The woman in the pharmacy waiting room who sat beside me smelled like fireplace. (would it have been bad manners to lean in and sniff her clothes? probably)


Feeling giddy about my gift recipients opening their presents. Knowing I chose wisely.


Belting out such classics as Feliz Navidad, Christmas Wrapping, and All I Want for Christmas while driving down the road.


Family game nights with family and friends.


The way hot chocolate warms your throat and tummy instantly. Plus, it's delicious.

Christmastime can be stressful. Please stay sane. There's no need to be in a need to have the latest and greatest everything. Johnnie's every whim need not be met on this one day a year.

Be present. Be still. Be.

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