Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mothers Beware! This Could Happen to YOU!

One day, you're going about your business, wiping dirty faces, applying Band-Aids to boo-boos, scolding naughty children for tantruming in stores, and helping with spelling homework. When, seemingly out of the blue, your daughter marches down the stairs and looks like this:

You won't see it coming. But there she'll be. Hips and waist and big eyes and all.

I'm not sure when it happened, but my little Bayberry turned into a beautiful young lady. Wasn't it just last week she was tantruming at the playground?

Oh, wait -- she's a tween. Yes, yes it was just last week that she was tantruming.

I digress...

Parents, this will happen to you. You will wake up and your little one will be big. Your little bundle of joy will be texting on her phone and listening to Taylor Swift and will know more about pop culture than you.

Yes. It will happen.

It's already happening to me.

Bayberry had her winter semi-formal school dance last week. Wasn't she beautiful? She had a great time. Even got to -- gulp! -- dance with her crush, who then asked her "out" (to be his "girlfriend" I surmise).

Heaven help me.

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  1. You have a very beautiful daughter(2 daughters)! They grow so fast. My daughter just had her winter semi-formal (she's a junior this year, don't know how) and I sent pictures to her Daddy...and he just couldn't take how grown up she has gotten just since this summer when he was home! Enjoy all your moments!My baby just turned 14 last week, and I swear I look at him, and can't believe his mine sometimes....