Friday, December 3, 2010

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...

I love the way this picture captures the love between my husband and daughter. Holding hands, him looking down at her. Her looking up to her dad, her hero. Both looking beautiful in their formal attire. They were leaving on a date. Tonight was the Father-Daughter Winter Wonderland Ball.

I took her to get her hair done today, at a lovely children's salon called Pigtails & Crew Cuts. The stylist curled her hair and pinned part of it up. She chose this dress out of many she tried on. It was fun to get her all dolled up.

The sweet child told me, as she was leaving with Daddy, that she hopes the Army hosts a Mother Daughter ball, because she would love to go dancing with Momma.

Isn't she precious? I certainly believe so.

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  1. Can I get a collective, "Awwwwww?"